I wouldn't be me without a couple of other projects on the side, so may I present what else I'm working on at the moment...

Yes, Let's is an exciting new (free) app designed to connect solo women travellers across the globe.

It's a concept first dreamt up over tapas and prosecco in Barcelona with my lovely friend and fellow co-founder Allison Prouty of Second Bolt fame, who I'd originally met in Buenos Aires in 2011 while both travelling solo.

Our hastily scribbled business plan on the back of the bar menu in Barcelona is now becoming a reality and the app is set to launch in August 2014. 

Artesania Sorata has been working with local Aymara artisans in Bolivia for over 30 years to create beautiful, handmade and fairtrade clothing and products from alpaca and sheep's yarn. The income generated from selling these products helps these local artisans, from lower economic backgrounds in rural and urban Bolivia, to support their families and communities.

I am currently volunteering with them to help with their public relations and marketing, as well as designing new ranges of clothes.