5 street foods you have to try in Bolivia

My quest to eat the best street food continues and the ones I found in Bolivia were amazing. Here are some of my favourites:




My first cheese-related street food - and one of three for this set. Empanadas are common in South America generally but I first discovered them in Bolivia - being too obsessed with ceviche in peru to look further than that. But empanadas are god's own pastry pocket of cheesy joy and it's really hard to get a bad one. Make sure yours comes straight out of the oven. My fav route place was empanada Maria on Illampu where they go for about 4 bolivianos. 


Rollo de queso

Rollo de queso

Yes, there's a theme here. These taste a little like scones with cheese melted through it. They delight the mouth. The best ones I got in La Paz, and I did try a few places, were made by a lovely casser, Vicky, who sells them every day on the corner of the Sagarnaga and Illampu. They're about 2 bolivianos each.




These little parcels of goodness are actually from the empanada family, but are baked and filled with all sorts of yummy things. My favourite fillings were, surprisingly, cheese and chicken.




Basically fried pork rind - and who doesn't like fried pork rind? You can get it at little stalls on the streets where the cholita chefs sit with their broth to marinate them in and then pop them in their deep fryer. The best one I had was in Lanza, where they're served with choclo (big corn kernels), rice and Chuño, a dehydrated, blackened potato, all in a plastic bag for take away or on a plate, wrapped in plastic, to save on washing. Efficient.


Huevo sandwich

Queso, huevo and plata sandwiches

This is a common snack sold at little street cafés. Basically it's egg, Andean cheese (again. Delicious) and avocado with some chilli on top if you like the heat.

And I do.