Here we are in Tulum

Ah Tulum, I wish we discovered you earlier.

We got here two days ago and after dumping our backpacks in our tube hotel, we headed straight for the playa. I couldn’t wait to see the ruins and we walked for miles across the gorgeous coastline to see it. Everyone was out on the beach and it felt exactly how we’d imagined the beaches of Mexico would be. After a brief swim, we visited a beautiful beachside hotel/bar, Mezzanine, where we had yummy Thai food and cocktails on the terrace as we watched the sun go down. Not wanting to leave, but getting tired, we hitched a ride with a Lithuanian guy who was staying at the same place as us, the Tubo Hotel, and there, chatted and chilled out in hammocks before bed.

The next day, yesterday, we met some lovely Aussie girls who were heading to the Gran Cenote, so we followed them and had a wonderful time snorkelling. From there, we went to the ruins, I’d been so excited about seeing them, and they were incredible. We’d paid way too much for the taxi ride there and we didn’t think we’d have enough cash to actually get into the ruins - we found we had exactly the right amount for us both to get in but no more, we had to walk the way back to the hotel. The gods smiled on us and as we were passing a cabana, our new friend Maurizio appeared and told us we should hitch back to town. He said it would take less than 10 minutes and sure enough, a kindly ute owner pulled over and we jumped in the back and rode back to our hotel. Maurizio, who’d taken quite a shine to Anita, then took us into town to the amazing La Chiapaneca where we had the very best Mexican food we’d ever eaten: tacos a pastor, panucho and tostado washed down with horchata. So very very delicious.

What a day, what a place. It feels good to be here.

About to dive in to the Gran Cenote

The Zama ruins on the Tulum playa

Hitching a ride with our new friend Maurizio

La Chiapaneca: amazing food