The colours of Chichi

I keep starting these posts talking about early morning starts and this is no exception. Really, though, time is fluid on this adventure and I can barely remember what day it is but hey ho.

So yes, we took a 7am bus to Chichicastenango - the place I can’t pronounce so I’ll just call is Chichi - as I’d heard about it’s amazing markets full of locally made textiles and fabrics of great colours and beauty. My kind of heaven and absolutely everything I’d imagined it to be. My mother’s daughter, I went to town on all sorts of must-have items which I now have no idea how I’ll carry (Joc, expect a big parcel of fabric in the, well, future at some point depending on the Guatemalan postal service). Indeed, part of the sales approach was for us to think of our mothers and get them a pressie. It worked.

Despite my best attempts at haggling, I spent around about half this whole week’s board, food and spanish classes ($60 US) on an array of blankets, pillow cases and fabrics of gorgeous gorgeous colours and craftsmanship, made by local people. There were all sorts of things available though, from fabrics to taps, and toiletries, meat and live chickens and it seemed like everyone in the village was there getting their weekly supplies and clothes. So bustling and so colourful - exactly what I’d dreamt of before coming here.

Two posts in one night - and now I must to bed as we have our first spanish lesson tomorrow, which I can’t wait for so the miming can cease and we can start chatting with local people. Until next time…