Cayo Caulker

It’s hard to believe we’ve been gone for two weeks now and have arrived in our third country since we began. We left Mexico wanting more three days ago but the trouble with having any sort of plan - our language classes which start in Antigua in Guatemala in… four days… - meant that we had to get to get our move on.

We arrived in Belize by boat where we met some great people - we keep doing that - including a young American, Alex, who would be our companion for our Cayo Caulker chapter. We arrived there just on sunset and hadn’t seen anything like it before. So very very beautiful. Little brightly coloured wooden houses and coconut trees lined the sandy streets upon which only golf buggies and bikes were allowed to ride. It took about 15 minutes to walk to each side of the island and the sense of it being on a tiny little spot of land in the middle of the sea added to the joy of being there.

There’s not a lot I can say about the place other than we spent our days swimming and our evenings drinking beers with other fellow travellers on the island. My favourite moments were listening to Toots and the Maytals while sitting on the split drinking beer and watching the sun go down and jumping into clear waters with to snorkel with swarms of nurse sharks and stingrays. Terrifying and amazing.

As we came, we left this morning by boat and took a bus to Flores, a lovely little island in the middle of a lagoon in northern Guatemala, to base ourselves for our trip to Tikkal tomorrow. So very exciting.