The best little tacos a pastor place in Tulum town

Just when we thought tacos a pastor couldn’t get any more delicious, we discovered taqueria el carboncito. When we got back into Tulum after our Valladolid trip and found that la chiapaneca was closed, a kindly dive shop owner pointed us in the direction of what looked like an open garage with tables, a TV attached to the roof and a makeshift hotplate and spit with pounds upon pounds of reddened meat attached to it. “That, amigos, is actually the best place in town for tacos a pastor”, he said. And we went and the food was outstanding. I’m writing this and want more. We ate a massive plate of it, with extra tortillas, and two yummy quesadillas. It was £6 for us both, with some “coco aqua”, um, coca-cola, rather than the coconut water that we thought it was. Of course. Anyway, go there. Eat plenty. Enjoy.